September 4, 2009

Use Your Computer Without a Mouse

Utilize these shortcuts.
Window key
opens start menu
Arrow keys to select start menu icon
Alt+F4 Exits the program
F1 Opens help for many programs
Shift and Space to 'select' and 'enter'
Alt key or Windows key + Tab switches betweeen programs

Control+Z Undo the last action
Control+Alt+Delete Runs Task Manager
Control+X Cuts
Control+C Copies
Control+V Pastes

F11 toggles full screen and regular views on Internet Explorer
Tab moves forward through items on a webpage
Shift+Tab moves backward through items on a webpage
Alt+Home goes to your homepage on Internet explorer
Shift+F10 opens a shortcut menu for an internet link

F6 or Control+Tab moves forward between frames
Control+Shift+Tab moves backward between frames
↑ and ↓ keys scroll
Page Up scrolls up in larger increments
Page Down scrolls down in larger increments

Control+F Find something on the page
F5 refreshes webpage
Control+N opens another of the same webpage
Control+O Opens another document or webpage

Control+P Prints current frame
Control+S Saves current document
Control+W Closes window if you only have one tab open
Enter activates selected link

Control+I Opens Favorites
Control+H Opens History
Press Alt and letter underlined on desired menu to open menu i.e. Alt+E opens Edit, Alt+H opens Help
Control+E Go to search box

Alt+Tab opens search query in new tab
Control plus - or + zooms in or out
Control+Number switches to specific tab on internet explorer
Control+Alt+F4 closes all other tabs

Alt+D selects the text in the address bars
Control+Enter adds www. and .com to the text in the address bar
F4 opens list of websites you've typed

Also you can turn on mousekeys from control panel. Start button ---> control panel ---> then click on mouse and look for mouse keys

mousekeys by pressing ALT + SHIFT + NUM LOCK.
You can use the numpad to control the mouse.

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