September 9, 2009

Change User Accounts Passwords Without Knowing the Users Password

1 Go to Start, then Run. Type in "cmd" (without the quotes). A black screen will appear.

2. Type in "net user" (without quotes). It will give you a list of all the user accounts on the computer.

3. Use the arrow keys to choose the user account name that you want to change. Here is an example: The net user you chose is "geekman" (no quotes). You will type in an asterisk "*" (no quotes) after "geekman" (without the quotes). It will ask you to type in a password. When you type in a password, you will not see the new password being typed in because it is invisible. For security reasons, it will ask you to retype the password. After you retype the password, press Enter.

4. To find the start button "*" (without quotes), press and hold the shift key, then press the number eight key (8). It's just above the letter "U" and the letter "I" buttons on the keyboard.


* If you are doing this as a trick, and you change a user's password without the user knowing, tell him or her the new password afterward.

* Be careful to not mess up the user's settings.

* Have fun.

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