September 11, 2009

Set up Your Laptop to Print Wirelessly

1 Make sure that the printer is connected to the network.( Make sure your PC contains a wireless adapter preferably already configured to connect to your router.
Make sure your printer contains a wireless adapter or if the printer contains a network adapter setting it up is a simple as plugging the printer into your wireless router (if you don't have a router you can use ad-hoc mode but this monopolizes your wireless adapter in your PC).
You need to connect your printer (as you would any other wireless personal computer or device) to your wireless router (or AirPort if its a Mac), so turn both the printer on and router (if you have one) on.
Can your printer detect your wireless router? If your printer doesn't have a small screen you'll probably have to plug it into your PC (via USB) and set it up to connect to the network via your PC. If your printer has a small screen it should recognise any wireless routers within range (these might be called airport, belkin, buffalo, d-link, linksys, netgear, verizon or zoom). If it cannot make sure your router is configured to accept all devices which try to connect (with the correct password) not just your PC. Some routers are set up to filter all but one device (your PC). Check also your router is broadcasting its address publicly.
Once your printer has detected your router, you need to connect to it with the right security. If you have an open router without security settings (keys, passwords etc.) simply choose to connect on your printer. Some printers have a button which attempts to automate this. If you have security on your router then go to your printer and enter any keys or passwords you have set. You may need to tell the printer the type of security you have set (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc.) on your router if it is not automatically detected.
Now your printer is connected, you can turn on your PC and provided you have set up a wireless network in the past and your PC has connected to your router, then the printer should be available as a Network Device/Network Printer/Print server. )

2. Ensure that the PC where the printer is connected to, is powered on, as well as the printer itself.
1.1 You and the PC with the printer are in the same workgroup and the computer has marked the printer as shared.

1.2 If these steps are met you should be able to print wirelessly from your laptop by going through the following steps for Windows XP.

3. Go to START and then just MY COMPUTER, then there should somewhere be something like 'Network Connection'. Click on it.

4. Next you should see something about workgroups, click on it.

5. Now you should see the other computer's name listed, if not configure your firewall to let network traffic through or turn it off to test. Leaving the firewall off is not recommended.

6. Click on the computer's icon and you should see a printer icon, if you get an error you don't have the needed privileges your workgroup was set up bad, or rather how you share the printer.

7. Now you will download the driver from the remote computer if you have the same operating system (he might do it with different operating systems as well but the chance is smaller). If he doesn't download the drivers you will need to look for them and install them.
Now the printer should be marked as one of your printers and can be selected and used whenever its turned on and the PC which is connected to the printer is on as well.

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