September 4, 2009

How to Prepare a Program for Advanced Music Exams

Do some research on the internet about the pieces that you have chosen to play. Be careful to only collect any information that analyses the work itself, rather than about the composer. Never use information from the internet just as it is. Be sure to reword it and simiply the phrases so it doesn't seem too obvious.

Add your own. Write notes about the interpretation, style and technical features of each piece, and anything significant about the piece that is unusual or that makes it stand out above other pieces by the same composer.

Start to put all the information together. Be sure to check your syllabus for the number of words allowed. By now you should have a paragraph or two for each piece.
For the front cover, an ideal desgin would be a picture of each composer, the name of your exam (eg. ATCL Recital), your name and the date of the exam.

Put together a booklet of A4 paper folded in half, with one piece to an A5 page

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