July 19, 2009

Village of mirmee & MIrmee multiple campus

A part of mirmi's beautiful and acctractable place. 1 km far from Dam side.Which image taken from dabchhe hill of mirmi.

2. gopal pandey guides national and international tourists for educational practical of 50 marks. there is no any tension for travel, you can ask to anyone for help, they will be totally co-operate you about there.

3. peace and beautiful place of mirmee multiple campus or bhagawati higher secondary school's area
> Wel come to you in my village.there are many interested things to look and see in syangja, mirmi (mirmee), syangja

])' Mirmee multiple campus on the sport fastivel of Dashain.

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Mirmee multiple campus in syangja.

Area of mirmee multiple campus at syangja which is top ten in syangja district. and student of this campus in educational tour.

July 2, 2009

'Kaligandaki river' 'Natural-view'

'Kaligandaki river' 'Natural-view' u can see boats n steembars in middle of the river u can also travell of there (7KM north in water ) a small cost of ur money .Also you can enjoy at boating small fee per/hrs. less then 5 people in boat n less then 200 people in steember, swiming cote is nessecary to wear.
After 7km north there is a popular Tample or salikram god within river.Everytime u can warship n pary. Your desire will be comes out in true is people believes in there.

Power house in the middle of The kali-Gandaki river n hydro elericity project at Syangja mirmee which is 144 MW and biggest of Nepal yet.U can enter some allowed place if u have permission.You can get permission easly without any cost.But you fallow some rules n regulers.

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