September 11, 2009

How to Find the IP Address of Your PC

1. Click on Start in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

2. Click on Run. An input box will appear with a flashing cursor.

3. Type "cmd" or "Command" in the Run box.

4. Click on OK or press the Enter key on your keyboard.Or click on start. Go to programs.Go to Accessories and click on Comand Prompt.

5. An MS DOS Window will open (see image). You are now ready to send a command to your computer.

6. Type "netstat -n" including the space.

7. Press Enter(see image).

8.You will see a list of all your active connections and IP numbers.

9.You will see four fields with four columns.

10.The Local Address field identifies your IP number. The Foreign Address field shows the IP numbers of the sites or people to whom you are connected. In the image, I am talking to two friends on Messenger, so two IP addresses are shown in the Foreign Address field.

11.You can also see what programs are being used to connect to those IP addresses by typing "netstat -nab". That way, if you are connected to more than one foreign IP address, you can more easily pick out the address you are interested in.

12.Also another way you can do it is Start>Run>Cmd>Ipconfig This should show you: your masked IP and IP.

13.An easy alternative way to determine your IP is to use an online IP checker like

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