September 9, 2009

How to Block a Website in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer. In the Menubar click Tools → Internet Options → Content. In the Content Advisor box, click Enable.

2. Click the Approved Sites tab. Enter the

address of the website.
*Keep in mind - if you want to block the complete website put * in front. For example to block myspace completely, type *.myspace.comClick Never and then OK

3. Click on the General tab and make sure to

select Users can see websites that have no ratings

4. Enter a password you can remember easily with a hint.

5.Click OK to safely surf the Internet.

Microsoft uses the Family Online Safety Institute [1] for the rating service. You can customize and see if that fits in your need.

*Consider installing web filtering software such as [2], which allows or disallows websites based on their content. Some good free web filtering software is: Aobo Website Blocker K9 Web Protection, Naomi, NetDog Internet Filter, and SafeSquid.

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