November 19, 2009

How to Make an Invisible File

1.Create a new folder.

2.Right Click -> New -> Folder, and a new folder should be created.

3.Customize the icon. Don't rename it just yet. Right Click the New Folder, go to Properties, then to Customize, and then Change Icon. Here is the trick, go to the middle and you should see some blank spaces. Those are transparent icons, select one of those then press OK -> Apply -> OK.

4.Name your folder. Press rename and instead of the file press ALT+0160 (Remember to keep the ALT button pressed down while typing the numbers).

5.You should have finished your new invisible file, Congratulations.

6.Remember, you must do the numbers in the key pad.

(To show your hidden files/fold/icon, do the following:
Double click my computer icon
Click tools, then folder options.
When the window pops up, click view on the top tab.
Then look for the show hidden files and folder.
And when you have found it, click on show hidden files and folder
Click apply or ok. )

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