February 21, 2010

Log off Your Classmate's Computer

Does your school have a computer lab? Are your computers numbered? Is there a classmate that you want to annoy? Then learn how to do what you want to their computer through yours!


1.Make sure you're in a lab with numbered computer names. To check, go to your start menu, right click My Computer, and select properties.

2.Check the computer name. If it is something like school22, then check the computer next to you. If it says something like school21 or school23 then you are on the right track.

3.If the guy you want to attack is on computer number 17 then write down your computer name and instead of the number on your computer replace it with 17.

4.Go to Start, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection

5.Then in the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) Type in the computer name with the selected number in this case 17, so it should be school17.

6.Click Connect.

7.Type in your school username and password (if you have one). If you don't want to get in trouble, type in the public school username.

8.It should say something like "The user is on the selected computer, connecting should log them off." Click OK.

9.They should be logged off, but be careful. The computer logged off should say "this computer is locked by " so unless it's your friend who wouldn't say anything, you should use the public username.

10.Now do what you want to the computer. Shut it down or just stay on it and annoy them.

11.If you cannot get the computer name, go into command prompt and type "net view" and it will list all the computers on the network.


Make sure your computer is using Windows XP or 2000.(windows vista has RDC, but
it can't recive RDC connections. It can only send them. So it wont work with Vista.)

This will be easier if the computers have numbers on them, like 21 or 23 so then if you find the computer name just remove the number and add the number of the computer you wish to attack.
Some computers may not have the desired computer name.
Your school computers may not be networked together, which means they cannot be accessed through RDC. However, you will probably have networked computers, so don't worry.
If you stay on the computer, they can't log on unless you get off.
This will not work if your school does not permit remote desktop.
If Remote desktop connection cannot be found, open up a browser (Mozilla Firefox preferred) and type in C: > Windows > System32 > Ctrl+F and search for mstsc.exe and save it to a folder. Voila you have RDC

edit WarningsThis will show the computer the username who logged you off, so use the public school username if you can.
This can allow hackers to get in your computer so be careful
Some schools have found ways to prevent the use of RDC

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