August 18, 2009

A corner of Mirmee Syangja

Village of mirmi syangja(1st.pic),You can see here this type of houses (pic.2nd) mostly usages , This house's facility is no warm in summer and nor cold in winter there is no neded to A.C in warm and nor heater in winter this houses made by mud,wood , and grass(khar). Mirmi or mirmee is same name in tone and aslo in usages but we use it mostly mirmee. Mirmi have many intrested thing to see. On the first picture you can see RCC house also which was recently builtedIn Mirmi

This rounded home is may be counted 4/5th top ten in mirmi, you can see the people infront of house who help anywhere for guided in this area was govinda bhattarai.

For more photos plz click here: ]) Gpzl collection/images

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